Breastfeeding Clothes: Simple Style Tips

Published: 17th September 2010
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For the new Mum, style probably won't trump comfort when it comes to clothing. Post-baby, everything in life becomes about ease and comfort, which does rather tend to cast a shadow on even the most formerly chic new Mum.

Some retro baby stuff is incredibly fashionable - antique high chairs, heirloom christening gowns and so on. However, the smock-like maternity costumes of bygone times are, well, largely gone nowadays (or avoidable until Great Aunt Maud bequeaths her trusted nursing top as the perfect gift!)

Contemporary maternity clothes have evolved to fill all sorts of wonderful little stylish niches - who knew that one day a designer would actually get around to saying "Mums need to breastfeed how often?? Oh well that changes everything..."

Someone, somewhere in the vicinity of a breastfeeding Mum will probably take issue with it. The only real solution to such irritations is to be as prudent as possible concerning location and breastfeeding clothing choice.

Day to day

Wraps, layers and easy-access slits are certainly a friend to Mum. The daily chores of caring for baby leave little time for clothes shopping, but those three key characteristics can certainly reduce the stress involved. A light wrap like a pashmina can be a godsend when breastfeeding in public.

Dressing Up

Spending a stack of cash on a whole outfit is perhaps unwise. High street wrap dresses are a great investment for thrifty Mums thanks to their easy access for breastfeeding, enduring elegance and adjustable size. A chic breastfeeding top (it's actually possible to find them now) may be all Mum needs to feel spruced-up and fabulous (rather than dowdy and smocked-out!) Again, a simple wrap scarf could save the day.

A straightforward tip is to breastfeed in front of the mirror to get an alternate view of any breastfeeding outfit.

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